Connectivity is a right

Currently there are over 21.3 million refugees that have fled the recent refugee crisis. As a result of the major migration between countries, refugees have lost their entire life's work and possessions. Upon reaching safe zones, they face many other problems such as language barriers, finding a home, jobs, health and food. Of the 21.3 million that have fled, over half of this number are under the age of 18.



Using cutting edge technology based around the Symmitree operating system, our phones will be distributed to refugees. The phone will seek to give instant access to all aid a refugee needs, everything from pre-departure to social cohesion. 


We believe we can help bring millions of displaced and deprived people out of a desperate state by connecting them to the world via the Symmitree platform.


We are currently focusing our efforts on refugees, although Symmitree hopes to extend its use to other people in need.